Fellow STi gearheads; I’ve got an oh-5 STi with up&down pipes, Bola cat back, Cat eliminator race pipe, O2 chip, and an APS cold air intake. About 12k miles ago I experienced my first wake-up call miss-fire (at the time the car had 42K miles). The misfire was in 4th at ~5K-RPM. The result was a CEL & blinking cruise control light. Re-set by disconnecting the battery & hitting the brake peddle. The frequency of occurrences progressively got worse as the miles increased; all at higher RPMs. Now at 50K miles I R&R’d the stock plugs with NGK Iridiums (LFR6AIX-11 6619). I gapped them at .028/.030. I fully expected the problem to be corrected. The car runs very strong through the ¼, however if I “track-drive” and keep the car rev’d >4K-RPM after a few minutes the miss will come back at high RPMs. Anyone else seeing this? Anyone know the root cause?