Ok. Had a weird problem yesterday. With my 2002 5 speed WRX. I had to drive my roommate to work to pick up his car. As soon as I got there (highway travel) I noticed a weird noise downshifting. Then, as I was going to leave, the car was making a terrible noise emanating from the transmission. I should have stopped and maybe got a tow, but panic set in. I shifted into second, going all of 13 mph, then into 3rd and 4th. In 4th at maybe 35. Engine was winding up but still just noise and no speed. After that, something seemed to fall into place inside the gearbox, noise disapeared, and everything was fine. No problems getting it home after that, but did think it seemed kind of stiff shifting into second once. Just the gear shift seemd sluggish finding the hole for second gear. Again, in my panic, might just have been my nerves.

Does this sound anything like a Synchro going? I noticed the tranny was low on fluid the other week so put in a Litre of 75w90. So overfilled it a little. Is this a real problem with it overfilled? Has been really cold up here (-28 to -35 C) but taking care to warm it up for about 15 minutes before going anywhere. Is it possible that something was just kind of frozen in there? Was going to fully drain the trany and diff, and put in the exact amount of 75W90. Is this a waste of time and I should get it to the dealer right away? Bad time of the year for me, and really can't afford a major bill for a Tranny right now. Anyone have any ideas what I am looking at?

And no, I do not drive the piss out of it. In this weather, hardly even gettinig up to 3500 RPM before shifting it. And not punching it much either. Help?