So, funny thing happened this afternoon. My wife and I were trading interior trim pieces between our WRXs. She has an 02 PSM sedan, I have an 02 SRP sedan. We were switching out the silver trim in my car for the carbon fiber trim in her car (I just ordered a c/f hood from World1, so we were trying to keep the theme in each car.) The center dash and vent pieces went quickly, then we got to the switch panel trim on the doors. Removal was quick and painless, I took all 4 pieces inside, cleaned the plastic with warm water and a little soap (no electronics pieces, they were all taken off) and dried them thoroughly. After they were completely dry, we took them back outside and installed them into their new homes. On my wife's car, the passenger window stopped working, with no response from either the passenger's side switch or the driver's side switch. On my car, the passenger window stopped working, but only from the passenger's side switch, the driver's side still works on the passenger window. Can you think of anything that would cause this? It seems really odd to me that both cars are having the same problem with the same parts. I'm not a professional, but I'm not completely stupid, and I took the normal precautions when working on pieces of the car I'm not totally familiar with, so I know each plug is in correctly. Even odder, both passenger side controls work on locking the doors.

I've searched across all the Impreza owners boards, and I haven't found a clear fix to this problem. If anyone has run into this before and fixed it, please let me know what I can try. I really want to get both cars working perfectly before Subiefest this year.