Help!!! turbo problems
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This is a discussion on Help!!! turbo problems within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Guys this is my first post, I have an 02 WRX with some mods to include a manual boost control, ...

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    Help!!! turbo problems

    Guys this is my first post, I have an 02 WRX with some mods to include a manual boost control, larger innercooler, down pipe blow off valve- no major tunes, anyway I tried to hook the factory vaccum lines back up to let the ECU adjust the boost becuase I would get a CEL for high EGT's I was peaking at 15lbs, well I tried to route the hoses back through the solinoid and I was only getting like 5 lbs of boost so I routed them back through the manual boost controller and no I get 0 lbs of boost, it does go positive on the vaccum but my blow off valve doesn't release and my car is SLOOOW, do you think maybe the turbo is bad or the wastegate? The wastegate does move freely, if the turbo was bad would my boost gage always stay in the negative? It did get 10lbs once but then it stayed at zero and has not had boost since, it's like at first the boost would work and then stop and now I have had no boost at all. Could the turbo be freezing up or the waste gate letting of the boost out the exhaust????? I have tried resetting the computer several times even though the boost is all manual adjusted.????? it also sounds very quite under the hood if you know what I mean : ( *** since no one here had any ideas I have since found the problem the pre cat in the up had decidied to let little pieces of cat get stuck in my turbo unitl it totaly destroyed the turbo, so any of you out there who's turbo works one day and not another check your up pipe, oh it was also breaking of my EGt sensor because the stuff in the cat was moving back and forth, I though I was melting the EGT sensors when they were physically broken.......
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