Greetings. Just got a new(to me) 04 WRX Impreza wagon on Wednesday, and have been reading up on the forums about them and what you guys are all doing with them. Pretty interesting stuff.

Anyway, to my knowledge this thing is bone stock. The second day I had it, (yesterday?), I noticed that when I would brake there would be a clunking noise coming from the front end on both sides.
It's proportional to how fast I'm going, like there's a spot on the rotor or wheel that hits something while it's moving; but only while braking.
I'm also noticing some possible strut/bushing noise too. I was pretty accustomed to that with my old car (97 accord with tokico coilovers on stock strut tower bushings. tons of squeaking. that car was a nightmare anyway).

I did some searching, and I suppose it could be the floating brake setup (not sure if floating is referring to the pad or caliper. probably pad); but to my knowledge it's stock brake stuff and this seems to only occur with modified brake systems? I don't know. I glanced at it for a minute or two and couldnt' really find anything wrong with it, but I didn't take my wheels off or anything.

The noise is just basically a dull thudding type sound coming from the wheels. Not sure how else to describe it. If you guys have any ideas on what it might be, your input is much appreciated.