'04 WRX Front Passenger Window
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This is a discussion on '04 WRX Front Passenger Window within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; So my baby got broken into. Now I'm dealing with all the insurance crap and at this point, right now ...

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    '04 WRX Front Passenger Window

    So my baby got broken into. Now I'm dealing with all the insurance crap and at this point, right now all I want to do is get the window fixed for the obvious reasons, even though the <deleted> caused 1500.00 worth of damage just to get in the car.

    Most estimates for this work are around $420.00. 290.00 for the glass and the rest labor. Plus the wait... nobody has this in stock.

    I'm beginning to entertain the idea of trying to do this myself if I can find the glass at a salvage yard... there are a lot around the North Texas area.

    My question is... is this a stupid idea? I bet it is Any advice or recommendations?

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    While I can completely understand why you'd be mad, please don't dodge the swear filter and introduce inappropriate language into this forum. Our OT forum lets a few things slide here and there, but outside of there our Admin wants to maintain a PG-13 environment.

    Don't know about fixing the damage yourself. I haven't had to do a window replacement on the car.
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    I've changed out a honda window before...basically just a couple set screws on the bottom track that holds the glass; it was easy. I assume the subarus are the same, however there could be some rediculous procedure to get to the screws I don't know about.

    Taking the door panel off is plenty easy, then just remove the clear plastic and have a look for yourself. It shouldnt take more than a half hour time from taking it apart, to inspecting whether it could be done or not.
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    Thanks Drummerboy... I'll try that out. I'm kind of assuming the same thing you are, just wanted a second opinion.

    Also, sorry for the expletives! I'm brand new here and, well... mad

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