Hey guys, my subie is an old schooler an '02 WRX hitting up about 90k miles on it. I've had some trouble before with the bearing and CV Half-Shaft assembly on the front driver's side before, but nothing like what I've been experiencing now.

Here's some symptoms:

The car makes a loud and noticable sound when I turn the steering wheel and engage the car into gear to drive. The noise tends to come out when I make Left-Turn rotations on the steering wheel. It's hard to feel any real vibrations and feedback because I've been afraid to take it over 25 MPH with this noise, so I'm not getting much physical feedback from the pedals, the shifter or from the car at all.

The sound is like a winding sound, but it sounds grinding at the same time. Imagine a continual gear grind mixed with a winding sound of a car starting. That's the sound I get. It won't make the sound if I just turn the steering wheel to the left, but it will if I engage the clutch and drive the car and turn the steering wheel left.

Anyone have troubles like this before? I will be taking the car to the subie maintenence shop for inspection, but if anyone has had experience with this before, it would be greatly apprecaited and feedback would be a great relief and time saver.