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I had wastegate flutter from day one, and I think many people with '06 WRXs do. When I put the Cobb DP on I noticed it that much more. I was just hoping that someone here had done the actuator arm adjustment for the purpose of ridding themselves of the flutter. I'm going to give it a go this weekend anyway, but I was hoping to hear from first hand experience.
It's easy, I've have done it a few times. Search and you will find a "how-to" with pics. Just make sure that you don't over do it. It will never go away completly. Just make it better. Your first turn should 1 full turn in. then repeat if necc.

BTW if you don't have a boost guage I wouldn't do this, since you could be making your turbo spike, and not knowing that is bad. Espically if it's cold where you are. That will aid in boost spiking.