Ok so im having some problems in my WRX. I have had it for about a week. The car is not new but its new to me. its a 2003 WRX with 60,000 miles on it.

Here are my problems.

1. At times when i try to turn on the car it wont start. There are times when it turns on perfectly but times when it just wont turn on and i have to turn it over and over untill it turns on. I dont think its the started becuase i dont hear a clicking sound when i try to turn it on nor do i think its the alternator since the lgiths and everythign turns on fine. Any ideas???

2. Im gettign the check engien light. First it was becuase i got an intake but i went back to stock and it went away for a few days. Now last night i was trying to turn on the car with the problem above and the check engien light turned on. any ideas what it could be??

3. The clutch feels lighter or week its not as hard to push in anymore since when i got it and the gas peddle feels hevier/ Is this a problem gogin on? My friends say i just addapted to the car so i could push in the clutch easier and i used to have a heavy foot when i got he car.

Thanks in advace.