Hey guys I just joined the forum and have a question. It has been raining here in College Station, TX for about 2 straight days and this morning when I went to drive to school, my 2002 wrx was completely flooded inside. The flooding was about an inch of water underneath the carpet front and back. My roommate and I removed the seats and most the carpet and found four vents underneath the front seats that seem to have let the water in. From where my car was parked the water level wasn't high, but I don't know how high it could have risen during the night. So, besides the water in my interior I now have a check engine light and am hoping there isn't any water in the engine or air conditioning system. The car still runs but I'm hesitant to move it anywhere. Wondering if any of you guys have heard of this problem or have any suggestions on what to do. The rest of the interior is dry, it's just the floor that is completely soaked.