So I just hooked up my new oil temp gauge... and on the drive to work this morning I was hitting 260-260º F!! It's a used gauge and it's possible that I sourced the wrong sender, but... that seems like a longshot.

I've been having a number of other problems with the car lately: a week ago I got a CEL and a lot of stalling. I pulled these three codes:

P1301 - Fire due to increased exhaust temperature
P0545 - Exhaust gas temperature sensor circuit low input
P1544 - High exhaust temperature detected

A couple of other folks got this code when their stock EGT sensor failed, so I did the 2.2ohm mod and the problem seemed to go away. But now, seeing high oil temps, I have to wonder.

BUT... I'm also stuck at only 6psi, as it seems that my stock boost solenoid has failed. I'm trying to find another (used) one without paying the downright silly Suby OEM price. So, I'm clearly not overboosting, so I'm not sure how this could be the result of a lean condition.

Also, my water temps appear to be normal.

Any thoughts?