Hi All,

I'm new to the forums i have just bought my self a 2001 WRX now just before i bought it it was taken back to my local subaru dealer to have to top and bottom tanks replaced on the radiator becuase they were leaking.

Since they have been relaced i have done about 500kms or traveling and every time i get out of the car or turn the heater on i can smell coolant. It's not leaking from anywhere and i check the level all the time and it's not droping.

My question is is it normal to smell coolant with a new radiator (or end tanks). I know it's comming from the end tank becuase when i put my nose close to the top tank it has a really strong smell?

Should i be worried? Do you think i should call the subaru dealer and ask them what the problem might be?

Tanks in advance for your help