First off, I'm new here, my name is Andrew. Nice to meet you all I just bought an 02 WRX sedan from a dealer like 2 weeks ago. I love the car beyond belief, except for the problems i've been getting. I'll use this thread for the CEL. While doing about 80 on the freeway I popped a CEL, I had the code checked and it turned out to be the Wastegate Solenoid. Knowing JACK about turbochargers, I looked around under the hood a bit and found some small black hoses which were not connected at ALL. They're lying right by the T shaped connected to the left of the intercooler. Here are some pictures I took just barely, sorry they are so dark. I'm not really sure if there's a loss of power or anything since I never really experimented before the CEL came on.

If you think it could be these hoses that are causing the CEL, should I just buy a small coupling to hook them back up?