Ok, so I'm hoping that this issue has some relevance in the WRX forum. the powerplants and the drive trains for the Outback are basically the same, so I'd like the WRX guys to verify:

I've had an issue with the apparent play in the drivetrain of my 2000 Outback Limited. The car has 150k on it. I've seen some guys in another forum talking about this "rubber band effect" when transitioning between throttle and idle at speed. Along with the rubber-band effect that everyone here has described, my stick shift will lurch forward and backwards along with the jolts. The play in my drive-train is so bad that my outback will POP OUT OF 5th GEAR when I let off the gas. I ignored it for so long that it actually FRIED my 5th gear syncros and now I have to perform a secret handshake to get my car to go into 5th gear without grinding the crap out of the tranny.

Can you guys confirm shift nob travel with this rubberband effect? I get a good 1 to 2 inches of front to back travel in 3rd, 4th and 5th gear... And can I get a sound off that this has to do with either the engine mounts, the tranny mounts or both?

Finally, if this is a mounting issue, is there a place to buy performance mounts for my Outback? 2000 Outback 2.5l limited slip rear end.

Thanks a million guys!
- Jason