i think its the return line, anyways. goes from the bottom of the turbo, if you're under, looking up at it, on the left side of it, goes straight down into the block. in any case, its leaking, i believe, since something is leaking oil, and that seems to be where it starts from. i cant tell if its from the rubber hosing (those clips seem like they would be really weak) or from the metal line that goes into the block.

ugh. in any case, it seems to leak , go under the block, and leak onto the headers, which makes for a lot of fun after they heat up.

it seems that once the engine warms up and everything heats up and expands, it doesnt leak anymore, so it must just be something minor. im wondering if one of those bottles of stop-leak stuff would work or not.

help me. im trying to sell it, and i really want to have this figured out. haha.