Before owning the car for even 24 hours I ran into my first major problem. The car refused to start after being parked for a few minutes while I was running an errand. After calling the dealer where I bought it they said to just bring it in to the service bay, and they will check it out. Before calling AAA, I tried one last time to start the car and it automagically worked. The CEL was on, so I continued to drive back to dealership. I got to the service bay, and a tech scanned the OBD ( that is what Subaru’s use right, or is it some other diagnostic system?), and basically told me the cam position sensor detected an error, then later cleared itself. He continued by saying if the CEL turned on after 50 more miles, to come back and they will see if the sensor itself is damaged, but according to the OBD the engine was in perfect shape.

Is this something I should be worried happened on the 1st day of ownership? Is this a common WRX problem? Any help is gladly appreciated.