Well today i was just plain pissed off at teh world so i figured id work on my car cause i didnt feel like driving to the gym. Well as most know im having some sreious wiring issuses with my car. So i traced one of the burnt wires from the ECU and fround it it was the Main ground wire for like 5 sensors ( o2,egt,knock and some other ones) Well after the 2nd ECU went rosted tosted i decided to let a pro handle it, might cost more but still cheeper then 300$ a wack with ecus. anyways no one will touch the car for less then 2k (just labor) so im back to doing it myself. But the guy told me it could be a main engine or body ground grounding out and runing bakc to the ECU. Sounds about right (kinda well not to sure i dont do wires) Anyways heres the deal.
One i have no tail lights even when the car was running the tail lights went bye bye on my way to Atl when i got my tune and second the ecu started smoking when i turned on my windshield wipers. Now heres what ive found under my car
o2 sensor harness some how rested on the downpipe and ended up with this

Where my Hids were wired in and the side marker wire was extended this is what i found

And this is the only ground wire i could think of that might be a problem but it looks fine to me.

Any help with this would be great. As im tring to get it fixed so i can have a car before the baby gets here. Im in a big bind with this and its really starting to suck.
Thanks for any help and or advise in advanced.