Where do you get service?
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This is a discussion on Where do you get service? within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Well, I started modding my car last year (tbe, ap, short shifter, up soon with pulley), and I a have ...

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    Where do you get service?

    Well, I started modding my car last year (tbe, ap, short shifter, up soon with pulley), and I a have been going to tires plus for oil changes (I don;t want dealer to void my warranty), and tire rotation, but I don't feel confident on their service, what car care service do you guys recomend?, I don't have a mechanic that I can trust .

    thank you

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    I'm kinda in the same boat. I'm due for a 30K service and I've been looking through the Periodic Maintenace pdf and it doesn't look that bad. Mostly fluid changes/inspections and various other visual inspections. I'm pretty sure I can handle the fluid changes, but there are some visual inspections that I'd be concerned about being able to accurately perform on my own:

    - fuel line/fuel filter
    - clutch system
    - parking brake
    - axel boots & joints
    - steering system
    - brakes (may be able to inspect on my own, just not familiar with them)

    I haven't had any issues. Car runs great. I am far from an expert mechanic. I have installed some parts (up pipe, tbe) on my own and have the tools and ramps. I figure I could get to know my car better if do the fluid changes. Just worried about the visual inspections and that I wouldn't be able to diagnose any issues. Need advice

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    Short of a major warranty type issue-I don't want ANYBODY working on my car.Period.The only thing I had performed at the dealer was replacement of my alarm "chirper" horn.When the a@#$%^# tech drove it out of the bay he was revving and slipping the hell out of the clutch.What he didn't realize is I was standing right outside the bay. When he got out-I chewed his ass within earshot of the open door service waiting area and let everyone in management know about it.Road test-you must be kidding.When out of warranty there is nothing I will not hesitate to take care of.
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