This wont be one of my more interesting posts, but I felt like sharing. My car has 51k miles on it, and I with all of the modding I have done, I have never even looked at my spark plugs. It has slowly gained mods over time... spent a long while at stage 2, and at 40k miles went stage 4 with a VF34, STi Pinks, and Hyperflow TMIC.
Today I decided to take a peek, and do a compression test. I decided to just go with NGK 1 step colder copper plugs because I dont mind changing plugs regularly and didnt want to risk compromising any spark from them... and they're cheap so if I decide 1 step colder isnt for me, no big loss.
For the compression test we took all of the plugs out, and just pulled the plugs off of the injectors to cut fuel. It took about 5 cranks to get the pressure up until it was no longer rising, and the results were...
Cylinder 1: 155
Cylinder 2: 160
Cylinder 3: 150
Cylinder 4: 160
I wish they were all exactly the same, but thats rare and there isnt much variance in my results. The biggest thing though was that I expected a MAX of 150, wasnt expecting to see 160 at all.
So all in all it made for an educational and interesting day.
I'm hoping to check for vaccuum leaks later this week by using a cap with a nipple threaded into it and capping off the turbo inlet hose and pressurizing the system to about 20-25 psi with a tank of air. I'd also like to pressure test the core of the FMIC I have coming on wednesday, but not sure how I will accomplish that unless I use the same cap on one endtank and another cap to sell the other end. This is all a part of getting ready to install some new bigger toys (Super 16G, XS Power FMIC, Aquamist 2D Water Injection, APS Inlet Hose, etc.), and send her off for a tune that should shatter the 300 whp mark.