I have 06 wrx with aftermarket turbo back exhaust, Cobb tuning accessport v2, Perrin lightweight flywheel, kartboy short throw shifter, and a aluminium radiator. My wrx has done this before a few months ago. I drove it to Florida from NH and back. On the way back the front left side caliper seized up and the pipe on the flange of the header snapped off. So I had no boost. I temporarily fixed the leak and I had some boost. I don't remember at what point, but the turbo stopped working, the turbo didn't make any noises, it just stopped spooling. So I finally parked it to attempt to diagnose the problem and fix the caliper. I checked all the forums and checked the ebcs and that was clicking, I took the turbo out and the fins in it spinned freely (looked really clean too) everything was tight too, checked the oil line and it was still feeding the turbo oil, so I checked the wastegate arm and that was working normally and the clip was still there, I didn't see any vacuum leaks, so I just put it back together after I got the caliper fixed and the turbo started spooling again. Everything was working for about a week or two. Till one day when I went to go out again, the turbo just wasn't spooling up again. It was working perfectly fine driving home, then just a few hours later, nothing. The turbo didn't spool up at all. My boost gauge wasn't showing any boost. It won't even go past 0. When it would make boost, it would go up to at least .05, now it gets up to zero and then drop down a bit. My car even seems a little sluggish when I accelerate. The turbo never made any metal, grinding, or any kind of turbo failure noises. So I did all the same checks as before, besides taking off the downpipe and I can't find anything. I don't really know how to use the accessport, but it seems to show that the wastegate is working and the car is attempting to make it's boost target. I also got a new header before I drove it again when it was parked for a while. The header is basically adjustable cause the pipes can slide in out and, and I do have a small leak there, but it still would make boost. I couldn't find any leaks anywhere else. All the gaskets are still fairly new and are not destroyed or look destroyed yet. I need help. I can't figure out the problem and why this seems to be a reoccurring problem. And just to add on to my frustration with the turbo not spooling, now the front right caliper seized up... Does anyone know what I can do to fix my problem? I don't know what I did before to make the turbo work and now why all of a sudden it's not working.