2015 wrx... is this normal?
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This is a discussion on 2015 wrx... is this normal? within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Ive been a 2015 owner since april and have had minimal problems with the car sofar. A couple days ago ...

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    2015 wrx... is this normal?

    Ive been a 2015 owner since april and have had minimal problems with the car sofar. A couple days ago i floored it in 1st gear and just as i shifted at redline i heard 3 very loud popping sounds... it sounded like it came from the exhaust. I disregarded it because i thought it was no big deal but then i did the same thing today and and heard the same sound.

    I notice no performance decrease and my car drives perfectly fine. Is this normal for turbo cars to make that sound? It sounded like afterfire but i dont think that can happen with a stock exhaust. Could this be a potential problem? Also this is the first week ive heard the sound and ive floored it in first many times prior.


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    It was probably the rev limiter cutting the ignition out so the motor did not over rev

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    Definitely seems like afterfire, especially if it happened when you shift at redline. Injectors squirt more fuel in to make up for the open throttle, then you let off the gas suddenly to shift and now you have excess fuel that makes it to the exhaust and burns off there. As to why it's happening now I'm not entirely sure.

    Edit: Could check air mass flow sensor at intake for abnormality at higher values or oxygen sensor in exhaust may also read slightly high or slow.
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