I've searched around and checked threads and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. The other day I noticed my steering was starting to get a bit hard and would squeal when turned all the way. I was hoping I was low on some fluid but then I got home and noticed a puddle in the garage so right away I knew the power steering was leaking. So I checked and there wasn't any leaks from what I could see in the engine bay. So I went under and found where I think it's coming from.

So I put some fluid in and with a full reservoir the power steering pump still whines when turning the wheel and the fluid comes out quite a decent amount in that area. So how hard of a fix is this? Anyone with the same problem? I fix mostly everything myself so I really don't want to have to take it to a dealer. It's a 2002 wrx with 79k miles on it btw. I'd appreciate any input.