Boost issues
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This is a discussion on Boost issues within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; I Have a 2005 wrx, my car will not make full boost its stuck at around 5lbs. I read it ...

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    Boost issues

    I Have a 2005 wrx, my car will not make full boost its stuck at around 5lbs. I read it could be an issue with the boost controller solenoid. I ordered the grimmspeed solienoid and installed it last night. boost increased to 7lbs at redline but below redline still stuck at 5lbs. Cant figure it out and its beginning to get extremely frustrating. Help Please!!

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    First, I recommend that you read here about boost control: especially post #3.

    WTF Tuning Part 2: The Turbocharger 101 & Basic Boost Control

    I believe that you need proper engine management to use an aftermarket electronic boost control solenoid.

    7 lbs. is the limitation of the waste gate spring. Perhaps your stock solenoid was failing (if it cannot bleed off pressure the waste gate actuator (WGA) is always exposed to high pressure (HP), and will always limit boost to it's spring pressure) and lead to your previous limitation. I don't know enough about the aftermarket one to comment on why your new one is not fixing things (although it most certainly merits a new ECU tune) unless it naturally falls towards the direct WGA:HP connection.

    My recommendations are:
    1) if you must use the aftermarket BCS, get a tune
    2) if you don't want a tune, try getting a new OEM BCS
    3) if both of those suggestions sound dumb to you, check your intake area and hoses for a boost leak and for proper connections.
    David - '05 WRX

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    Hey guys i have a 2004 wrx. i have a boost leak threw the vac lines from the intake manifold to the inlet, when i pressurize the system right after the turbo? idk if that's a bad place to pressurize the system, if it is let me know. Ik the bov has a leak in it but nothing like when I'm driving. When i pressurized the system i got it up to 20 psi it would leak out, but when l driving cant even get 0 psi. I have no clue whats happening. Also to add the boost leak is super loud when i drive but could barely hear it when I pressurize the system.

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