Drivetrain Vibrations
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    Exclamation Drivetrain Vibrations

    Hey Everyone,

    This has been going on for as long as I can remember, but I am feeling what I believe are drivetrain vibrations in my seat when I go WOT in 3rd, 4th, and 5th at around 2750-3200RPMs. A mechanic I know thought it could be one of my front CV-Joints, but I've never felt a CV-Joint do this before. This was also his estimate from just my explaination, never test drove it though.

    Was curious on your throughts, seems to happen at full torque.

    Car Specs;
    2010 WRX 5-Door
    ~75,000 miles (changed my diff. fluids and transmission fluids at ~70,000 miles)
    Stage 1 Cobb Tune
    DBA 4000 W/ Hawk Brakes (Just installed ~600 Miles ago)

    Let me know if you need anymore information, thanks!
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    Just to rule it out, you should check for any detonation. The car could just be pulling a ton of timing, which could feel vaguely like a drive line vibration. Log FBKC, FLKC, and DAM on your Cobb.


    Just to be a bit more complete, I'll list out a more 'complete' list of parameters:
    -Engine Load (any of them should be fine)
    -Manifold Pressure (I'd use relative, but absolute is okay, as well)
    -FBKC (Feedback Knock Correction / Short Term Knock Correction)
    -FLKC (Fine Learning Knock Correction / Long term Knock Correction)
    -DAM (Dynamic Advance Multiplier)

    Alright. I'd do a log of your problem area, as well as a log of just 10 minutes of normal driving.
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    Hey Heide,

    Tried attaching the files, but the website isn't liking it.

    Any other way I can get you the logs?



    Vibration 1 -
    Vibration 2 -
    Vibration 3 -

    The full drive is too large for bigger docs, so let me know if you want me to transfer a different way.

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