Maybe this is from the poor road conditions and the tremendous amount of driving I do on a daily basis through New York City. Everyone I know is getting the hell beat out of their car this winter.

Anyway, my reservoir to for my washing fluid seems to be loose. The tube that feeds down to the reservoir disconnects from the portion that holds the cap in place. I can squeeze it back together, but a rough ride (which is a given with all the potholes and "crocodiling" going on) disconnects it. It seems as though the reservoir itself is sagging, dragging the aforementioned feeder tube with it. The washing fluid still sprays just fine. I would assume I must be splashing some around, right next to my battery, while I'm driving and it's disconnected. Has anyone had this happen? I'm at work now on the graveyard shift now, but I'll post a few pictures. I tried to get under my car to see if I could see if something fell apart. It's tough to do with all the crappy ice on the road, the cold weather, and my garage/driveway in Brooklyn is really narrow. I just recently discovered it, and I haven't had the time to jack it up and take a proper look. I don't want to take it to the dealer or my regular mechanic if it's just a quick fix, but I just don't even know where to begin looking to find the problem for a loose reservoir like this.

It's really such a minor problem, but it's very annoying.