Now most people would jump on this and assume immediately its an Engine malfunction and a rod-knock BUT.. I can assure you it is not, also I've had transmission problems in the passed as well.. And pretty much the way it happens makes it sort of impossible to be a Rod knock or engine malfunction.

Upon troubleshooting this I have come together with a sequence of events that hopefully an experienced car enthusiast could get a good understanding and diagnosis for my 2002 WRX.

What I've accumulated:

  • I have put in a New COBB Short RAM Intake in
  • ALL Other Parts are stock except: Turbo XS BOV, and an HKS Catback Exhaust System
  • Clicking noise coming from passenger side (Where the Intake sits)
  • It does not click at an Idle or while Revving in Neutral
  • Noise appears while car is in motion only in gear going about 15MPH +
  • Noise in sync with RPMs the more RPMs in gear the faster the click but the noise is not super loud
  • It only clicks while my foot is giving the car RPMs, if I let off even in gear while the car is in motion the noise does not continue
  • Putting the car in Neutral WHILE moving at any speed the noise will seize and also it does not appear while the car is moving in Neutral at any speed giving it RPMs either
  • The noise is moderate, highly noticable but easily masked with the radio on 25% volume so it's not super loud
  • No rattling or anything just straight smooth clicks at a low volume of noise

Please help !! I've been trying to figure this out for almost 4 months now! I do not drive it that much or at all maybe 5 or 6 miles a day.. So it's not gotten any worse and probably wont for a long time but I plan on a cross country trip in the Subie so I'd like to have this problem figured out and cleaned up before I do so in June !