high pitch noise in cold weather
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This is a discussion on high pitch noise in cold weather within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Hey guys I have a Impreza 2008 (non-turbo with 112k miles on it) and it has been getting colder where ...

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    high pitch noise in cold weather

    Hey guys I have a Impreza 2008 (non-turbo with 112k miles on it) and it has been getting colder where I live (from 50 degrees to 20 degrees). Well since it has gotten colder I have been hearing a high pitch whine from my engine when i do a cold start. The noise only lasts about as long as it takes for my blue thermostat gauge to turn off. Once it is off the noise goes away.

    I thought the noise was coming from my belts so when i checked all the belts look fine, and they were replaced a year ago. Also the noise seems to be coming from the passenger side of the engine. Only thing I see over there is the power steering reservoir. So could it be that, that is making the noise? I mean the reservoir of it is full but could the pump be going bad?

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    This is normal. Cars don't like the cold and will make all sorts of noises while warming up in extreme cold (you should have heard my car start the other night when it was -2). Just wait for it to warm up a bit as you have been. As long as it doesn't continue to make that noise after you have warmed up then I wouldn't be too concerned about it.

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    My '08 does this in the cold as well. I'd ignore any noises that happen when it's below 20F.

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    Yeah I experienced the same thing today, in the morning and after work when i went to start my car (temp's in the single digits) there was a high pitched whining noise coming from the engine bay it sounded like. Car didnt start up that well either, and moving the gearshaft around was pretty sluggish. Im guessing like they said its all due to the temp.

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