welp I had the typical clutch pedal bracket spot welds break, fixed that good enough, went to throw it back together and now ive got a few issues. turned the heater on, no heat, although plenty of air blowing it wont go cold. also you can usually hear it change as you move it from head to foot level and I haven't heard it while trying to change it. just blows everywhere, cold! ive got no backlights on my heater controls or stereo buttons either. no high beams, and the passenger seatbelt alarm continues to go off even when the airbag is all plugged in. does anyone know the specifics of a wrx in this regard? I can work on locomotives and motorcycles, but im not educated on cars at all, nor do I really like to work on them. if ya guys can help thatd be great, even simple things like which specific fuse may be blown would help. thanks.