To start the issue came about by me removing a hallman MBC that was on my car when I got it. I tested the ebc which clicked and hooked up the t with the orphis that I got from Subaru for my 03 bugeye sedan. After I connected everything I went for a drive and found once I hit target boost the needle drops up to 5psi then picks back up to target boost and won't hold steady. The car held 10psi steady on the MBC.

I did some searching and got a dozen different things. Verified I had the right pill and that it was in the right place. Made sure there wasn't a vacume or boost leak and checked the turbo and intake pipes for cracks. I even covered all the plastic and rubber in soapy water to find no bubbles carb cleaner had no affect. Tried to clean the bcs (stock) by the way and made sure the pill didn't get turned.

Mods. Only mod on the car is a 3" cat back exhaust (nameless)just got a new clutch plugs oil and breaks. I have a catted high flow down pipe carless uppipe and a Perrin intake to install but wanted to sort this out first before installing and Tuning via open source.

Any thoughts guys? Also no cel or odd behavior aside from the bouncing boost needle.

From my Xoom sorry for spelling errors