Alright, I've been searching all over for an answer to this. I purchase a 2002 WRX that had HiDs already installed. Of course because of this fog lights did not work. Well today I decided to uninstall HiDs because I didn't want to be that douche that blinds everybody else. I assumed that Reverting back to normal headlights would also allow me to use fog lights, and of course it didn't. The green light on the switch wouldn't even come on. I have not checked my fuses or my relay, I did however get new bulbs and I also popped the fog light switch out and noticed two of the wires that connect to the clamp that goes into the switch were cut. One was the red wire with a green stripe and also a very slim purple/pinkish wire. A buddy of my attempted to splice them together, this did in fact cause the light on the switch itself to work again, but no lights. I am just curious as to if anybody would know what the prime cause of the fog lights not working would be? And also the harness that connects to the switch, where could I purchase another one? Would I need a whole harness that connects to the cruise control switch as well or are they separate? Just want to enjoy my fog lights. Any feedback would be appreciated. An if I can purchase a new wiring setup for the switch where would be the best bet to check. I also should mention I check the ground wires for both lights and both seem to be intact