So my CEL came on randomly after I had filled it up with gas. The light was on the second I put the key in, I don't think the cap would throw a code that quickly, but I figured I would try tightening it anyway. Cap was on there good and I gave it a few more clicks for good measure. The light remained on so I took it to Autozone to check the code for me and they pulled up a P2017 "Tumble generated valve position sensor 1 (RH) circuit high." I did a search on this forum and came across another thread that translated the code "P2017 TGV - INTAKE MANIFOLD RUNNER 1 POS. SENSOR HIGH," which seems to be the same thing. Since it is a 2013 and under warranty I gave the dealership a call and they set up an appointment for me to bring it in Wednesday morning. In the mean time I thought I would see if any of you have ran into this and might be able to clue me in, if it's just a loose plug somewhere that I can tighten so I can skip the trip to the dealer. If not, no big deal, the dealership will straighten it out for me on Wednesday.