Brakes & Tires - Time To Replace?
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This is a discussion on Brakes & Tires - Time To Replace? within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Good afternoon! So, I brought my 2003 WRX sedan into the shop for an oil change and got their little ...

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    Brakes & Tires - Time To Replace?

    Good afternoon!

    So, I brought my 2003 WRX sedan into the shop for an oil change and got their little report. Seems I'm down to 4 mm on front and rear brake pads.

    My rear tires are in their "green" area (> 6/32") while the fronts are in the "yellow" (4/32" - 6/32"). I know another place said I had extra wear on the .... ummm... inside of my front left tire and outside of my front right tire (or vice-versa) as well. They're Continental DWS tires. The guy seemed more worried about the inside/outside wear than the standard wear.

    So, is it time to replace either of those? I don't race but I am planning some 2-4 hour road trips this summer. I think I can do the pads myself.


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    If the cords aren't showing on the tires, it's not imperative you replace them. I would say that you may want to check tire pressure is on point, as well as your alignment, if you've been following a proper tire rotation schedule before driving too long on new tires. For the alignment, you'll want to find a shop that will do it to custom specs (vs OE, which from a performance standpoint, sucks). Max out the negative camber up front (without cross camber), and use the aftermarket bolts in the rear to dial back the negative camber. Up front, with the stock bolts, you should be able to get -1.2-1.4, and dial the rear back into the -0.8-1.0 range; I like an additional 0.5 of negative camber up front, as that will help dial out some understeer that is built in from the factory. That will go a pretty good ways towards bettering the handling, as it will make the car more neutral in the corners (my 0.5 more negative camber up front shouldn't be a hard number, as you want to make sure the rear has adequate negative camber to maintain traction in the corners).

    Pads are a pretty simple DIY project. Personally, as a "peace of mind" factor, I'd replace them, as they are cheap enough. You can get an upgraded set of pads F/R for under $200, as long as the rotors are in good shape.
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    Where are you located? Call a local shop that does inspections. If you are due for an inspection soon and the tires won't pass might as well replace them. If you aren't due might as well wait till next summer. ^+1 on the pad suggestion.

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