02 Problems on 2002 WRX
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    02 Problems on 2002 WRX

    So I fairly recently bought a 2002 WRX with a CEL it was just Bank 1 Sensor 2 O2 and crankshaft position sensor.

    So last weekend I replaced both sensors(Bosch for O2) and it was running great but after roughly 100 miles my boost gauge stopped working and about two minutes after that my CEL came on. I just read the code and it was 02 Sensor Circuit Malfunction(Bank 1 Sensor 2) again (P0136). So im wondering did I just happen to get a faulty O2 Sensor or is there something else i should be looking at.

    Just a side note my car appears to also have a boost leak somewhere I never get more than about 5.8 PSI or .04 MPa I dont know if this is part of the problem or just another thing i have to fix.

    My Car:
    2002 WRX
    137,xxx miles
    AEM Ram air intake
    HKS Hi-power exhaust
    The rest stock

    Thanks in advance

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    First you need to fix your boost leaks. No exceptions. Second, check your exhaust make sure it is all tight, sensor is in the bung nicely, no cracks, etc.

    From there, unless you have a way to monitor O2 sensor output you are just shotgunning a part at it. Could be a problem in the harness. If you do not have a way to monitor the output, then bring it to a shop and pay the hour of diag to get a good diagnosis. If you do, let me know and I will provide a diagnostic tree to follow.

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