I been trying to sort out a strange problem in my 02 wrx. In my many hours of research I found useful input here and figured I'd register, give this forum a try and pick your brains

The car starts, then stalls instantly. My first thoughts were toward a gigantic vacuum leak or maybe some sort of immobilizer deal, since I have seen that in other cars. That's the best I can discribe its symptoms. I can get the car to barely idle w/ the maf unplugged. Even still, it starts smoothly at first with higher rpm than usual tho and at any point I even breathe on the throttle it wants to stall out, so it is getting spark. No CEL.

What I've checked: almost 1 full can of carb cleaner, no leaks. When it does run, my boost guage which also reads vacuum is dead on aswell. fuel pressure is good, at spec w/ and w/o fpr vac line taken off. Took a jump pack to the pump directly to eliminate fuel wiring issue, nothing. Took timing belt covers off. Belt lines up right. Changed ecu, I had a spare, still the same. Swapped out maf, no change. Changed crankshaft position sensor cause it was cheap and I wanted to check the sprockets, they r good. Ect changed too, again cheap n I was right there, why not, no change. Took a multimeter to the tps, checked out ok. Took apart iacv, looks clean and saw valve moving. Bov is sealed. My car has signs of a former factory alarm, was taken out. Took dash apart looking for another possible alarm system, couldn't find a thing. I disconnected the battery a few times to recent the ecu, nada. Fuses check out ok. From what i can see, wiring harness looks ok. Took off air intake to check for clogged air filter (which is down in the bumper) and took the bolts off the down pipe to eliminate a clogged exhaust, nothing. Prolly leaving a few other things out but all I can think of that I checked. I'm running out of options. At my wits end and missing my car. 7 years, first problem.

Now the strange part, it started fine and drove for two days then back to square 1. Again got it to start fine the other night even with maf unplugged, reved fine and idled ok. Shut it off and tried again, and was doing it again. Both days were cooler weather. Not sure how that would matter tho. A/c is deleted aswell. So not like that was on or anything.

Mods: pretty basic. Cold air intake, 3" up pipe and down pipe catless 3" exhaust. Piggyback (was told ecutek) tune.