So this morning I go out to finish cleaning my car I noticed that during the night after spending hours polishing and waxing the day before that tree sap was getting on it, so I decided to move the car to a different spot and get to work on getting the tree sap off so when I started the car it shot right up over 6000 RPMS I shut it right back off waited about 5 minutes and tried it again same thing ot just pegged out. I shut it down again. This time whi le key was in off position I hit the accelerator a few times then started it and this time ot was fine. I don't know if maybe a throttle could stick or what. It was cold this morning about 28degrees but it only idles up to about 2800 when its 20 below. Does any one have a reason why this would happen? I was thinking stuck throttle but the cwr hadn't ran for at least 12 hours. Any help appreciated.