Just a quick update from a new owner, went ahead yesterday with first oil change, and got a little silly maybe and did the trans fluid too, was just a hair over 2,000 miles. The dealer staff only told me that I did not have to do the oil until 7,500 miles, said nothing else. I just feel better even if it cost a bit.

FYI - I had also had an issue with my hood's air scoop, spotted some subtle deformation in the same night I picked it up and brought it home. Went to dealer two days later, an employee saw same thing and immediately ordered a new scoop, told me it would be about two weeks to get it in and paint it my car's color. By the time I went back yesterday the original scoop showed no deformation at all, looked smooth as baby's bottom! I have no explanation and the dealer could not figure it out. As I told them, my only proof of the deformation is the simple fact that they would never have ordered the part unless they saw something too!! They swapped it out in order to be paid by Subaru, even though it was no longer really necessary. Typical situation for me... inexplicable is a way of life!!