Clutch engagement question!
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This is a discussion on Clutch engagement question! within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Hello all, Im a new member here, I picked up my 2005 WRB WRX a little over a month ago ...

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    Clutch engagement question!

    Hello all,
    Im a new member here, I picked up my 2005 WRB WRX a little over a month ago and I love the thing. Anyways, I have a question regarding my clutch engagement. Let me first start off by saying that I have always drove manuel transmission cars, I have never owned an automatic in my life. With that said, I cannot get the hang of the clutch to save my life. I dont know if its because it being a 4 cyl and AWD has any difference in the way the clutch engages or what. Anyways one thing that I have noticed (which could be the root of my crappy ability to shift this car) is that at some points the clutch grabs differently, for example this morning I pulled out of my garage and as soon as I even began letting the clutch out it died, it literally had to of grabbed 1mm into the throw. But my whole way driving to and from work it grabbed at about middle to 3/4 the way from being released. Why the different grab points? Is this a mechanical problem or do all WRX's do this?

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    There may be an issue with the hydraulics. It's a system like the brakes, without the booster. If there's air in it, you might have this effect. Once the tiny air bubble is compressed the clutch work normal, first time it's loose. Not knowing any better, maybe it is time to change the fluid and make sure it's bled well. All-wheel drive, 4-cyl, etc, makes no diff as far as the clutch is concerned. Of course there is also a chance that piston seals or cylinders, master/slave, have gone bad. I'd suggest trying to change the fluid first. Also take note of the condition the old fluid is in, might help to find indications of rust or other particles (like seals).
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