ploom of blue smoke
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This is a discussion on ploom of blue smoke within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; so everytime I let my car set for a minute, when I start it I get a ploom of blue ...

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    ploom of blue smoke

    so everytime I let my car set for a minute, when I start it I get a ploom of blue smoke from the tail pipe. The engine is an ej22 with 15000 on it. So I doubt its the rings. I ran my car without oil so im in the process of pulling the motor due to a high end knock. So that being said Im trying to do as little work as possible. I think its a rod or a valve. So I was wondering if the bloushe 18g turbo could be letting oil get by and burned in the exhaust? Or am I just reaching in the dark?

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    sounds like rings to me. what about letting it sit while idling?

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    Blue smoke is usually an indication that your engine and/or turbo is burning oil. Where that oil is coming from is anyone's guess.

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    Blue smoke = not good.
    Man, if you're already pulling the engine, just do it right! Do a compression check, leak-down check. Pull the heads, just spend the money for the head gaskets. You ran engine w/o oil? Well, could easily be pistons. Valves probably have a looonger tolerance to no-oil. Replace bearings as indicated by wear (i.e. if there is = replace). Do what it takes to be done right. Nothing worse than having a halfassed engine and pulling it again. You might as well do a complete job first time.
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