Well I am between a hard place and a rock...again. The noise sounds like valve lash. Now it only occurs in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear. Like it says in the title only between 3k and 4k RPM. It does it under extremely light throttle, medium - heavy throttle no noise whatsoever. It varies with throttle depression but does not change pitch just frequency. It does not do it at idle while revving engine between 3K and 4K RPM. I pulled it into my shop today after work looked for anything loose on top....nothing. All heat shields are tight everything is tight. I would assume if it was valve lash it would be at all RPM ranges, even at idle revving the engine. Oil level it right at the "F" on the dipstick...did the oil change last week. The only thing i did different in my driving habits is a 4 hour road trip to New Jersey from outside of Washington D.C about 4 hours all highway. Before i take it to Andrewtech I was hoping to get some ideas off of here. ANY and ALL help is appreciated thanks guys and gals.