Well i had a thread about 3 weeks ago on this no help heres an update. The seat belt light wouldn't come on after the system check. It thinks the belt is buckled all the time (even though it isn't.) I replaced buckle still wouldn't work right. Checked the ENTIRE circuit I have power and ground. It had power because the light would come on when the system would run checks when i started the car then would just go out without the buckle in. NOW here's the thing i went to Andrewtech told them the Integrated Module was bad after diagnosis. there were a couple junked sti's with the Integrated Module still in them they said take one so I did. Here's where it gets weird. The seat belt light worked normally with the 04 sti module in it. The seatbelt light would blink and beep at me until i buckled my seat belt. Cool right....no....the dimmer switch wouldn't work with the sti module so i couldn't dim the dash and cluster lights also the light around ignition acted differently too it would blink and go off instead of being on all the time till the module went to sleep. SO i said f-it and went to subaru dealership and bought a new Integrated Module for my model (03 wrx wagon) and it went right back to doing the same thing with the light coming on during the system check then just staying off (dimmer switch and ignition light work fine).....my mind is going to melt out of my head if i keep thinking about what is wrong i need some help.