I have a 2004 WRX with an up pipe, full catless TBE, and a cobb SF intake with a cobb accessport off the shelf Stage II LWG tune. When my engine is idling or reved in low RPM's, there is a rattle coming from the turbo. I have traced the source of this sound to something in the wastegate and wastegate arm and actuator assembly. When I put downward pressure on the wastegate control arm, the rattling goes away. When i remove the control arm, I can move the part that the control arm is attached to up and down as well as motion it to open and close the wastegate. I believe that the play in it causing it to move up and down is causing the rattle.

Has anyone ever had this problem and come up with a solution? Could this just be a worn part and thats just the way it is? Any advice or input would be great.

I searched the forum as well as a few subie and not subie forums and havnt found the same issue.