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Yeah.. everything you change from stock can potentially be a problem. In my case the builds have been warrantied for the most part, but I can't help but continue adding more parts/work each time (creating a lot of additional cost). It's a lot of over thinking things and talking myself into deciding if it's not the "best" part possible then it isn't sufficient.

In the vast majority of cases a built motor is not as reliable as the stock motor. Just because it's built to handle 500whp doesn't mean it will run for more than 30,000 miles even at stock power levels. There are just too many variables.. Subaru has the most experience building motors, so one built by Subaru from the factory is going to be the most reliable.
I drive my car very easily. With not having a house for a very long time and trying to get all of the new bills, furniture, lawn mower, all of the little odds and ends you don't think about when you buy a house obviously really increase your monthly payments. I look to save money in other ways such as trying to get a little more mpg out of the cars we own... even collecting cans and stuff like that really help a whole lot in the long run... 10.00 here and there adds up when you are saving that, plus change. The last time we counted our change out, it was over 600.00 (My Wife is a bartender and waitress so we get a lot of change). It takes a while but that's a months worth of payments for my car plus insurance.