Hi guys I am really frustrated here, I recently bought an 08 base hatch impreza 2.5i that had cylinder #2 knocking bad.
So I put in an used engine with just over 100k km on it.
At the same time I put in oem t belt, water pump, ignition wires, plugs.
Here comes the problem, the day I picked up the car it would throw misfiring codes cyl 1 and 2 whenever I rev over 4000 rpm. Engine light would start to flash, traction light would be on, and as I shift to the next gear, all lights would go away.
So then I thought it was because the used engine had sat for awhile before I put it in. So I didn't do anything to it.
Now, engine light and traction light would stay on, cruise light would flash sometimes until I use a code reader to erase them. Still the same codes misfiring cyl 1 and 2.
Now I have swapped back the old ignition coil with same result, did fuel injector flush with nothing changed, checked all wiring, vacuums leaks and found nothing wrong.
Then car came with a short ram aftermarket Air intake so I put back in the same way.
I also put in new exsey clutch disk, pressure plate and release bearing at the same time.
I've read so much online but none of them had any answers, so I've checked everything all the posts told me.
I couldn't find anything....can anyone help me? Could this used engine be bad as well?
Please help!!!