I bought a 2006 wrx about a month ago, it had 74xxx on it, an after the first few days I got a CEL, which I just blew off an reset my ****. Came on again a few days later so I got it scanned it come up as p2443 "secondary air injection switch valve stuck closed bank 2" which I know what that is as ive been readying about it since then but after getting quoted by the subaru dealership they want to replace both valves for 300$ an the INSUFF for 623$ + 430$ labor. Um, with a baby on the way **** that. Both valves even though it only comes up as the drivers side?

What other options are there really.. finding it, sandblasting the rust off it an putting it back, buying my own valve an replacing it, or taking it out completely, but I have to pass the Ft Lewis emmissions test, but I also hear it MAY be covered by the 80k emmissions warranty, an maybe not. Its up to 76xxx right now, but any one have this problem with theirs?