Greetings to all. I have a UK right hand drive Sept 2006 STI Spec-D Impreza that I have owned for arounf 12 months. The car had 28k on the clock when I got it and is in nice (factory standard) condition. From the fisrt day I have owned it I use the AC. But have never had any puddle of water under the car at all (unlike my other cars with AC). Recently I hear a running water noies that seems to come from inside the dash when I start the car.

I do realise there are numerous theories regarding what it is, but I have tried, in vain to find the AC drain hose on mine to make sure it isn't blocked....and no joy. It isn't in the same position as the photos I have seen on here on the US version, as the hole that your pipe comes out of (left side of firewall as you face the car) on my car is blanked off with a big rubber bung. I have taken the Intercooler off and looked all around the firewall both left and right and notning!!!!!!!!

Any help from anybody will be so much appreciated, as I have spoken to Subaru UK and 4 dealers in the UK, and nobody can tell me where it is. They just tell me 'there is a pipe sticking out of the firewall'....great explination that, isn't it.