Hey guys ive been having a weird rattle noise ever since i had my old sti top mount removed and my old wrx top mount reinstalled. My heatshield for my turbo is for an 06 sti and somehow it was made to fit my car which is a 2004 wrx. Its an spt heatshield. It looks like it may be 2 close to the top mount maybe? Also im running an invidia v3 dp and srs catback. Removed the heatshield from where the muffler sits and noticed also my bellypan looks a little lopsided. Could it be a heatshield issue or a loose bolt somewhere? If it was engine knock i would be able to tell the difference and it doesnt do it at idle.
Other mods include stage 2 ots cobb tune, cobb sf intake, mishimoto rad hoses and perrin radiator shroud. Idk if this helps but put a front lip and rally flaps on also. Didnt wanna leave anything out that could be relevant