Sometimes its loud and really annoying and others its not so bad,seems like it gets worse when the turbo is hotter and been worked a bit , had a couple people ride in It and they told me they didn't hear anything unusual, but sometimes its pretty Damn loud, I can hear it with the Windows down next to a wall it car even now. Before it was really only when I had the Windows up

It's for sure coming from the turbo area

Dosent do it when I just rev the car, only under load / boost

Thought and hoped it was wastegate flutter, but I don't trust that idea all the way yet.

Any ideas? Is this just normal? I imagined a turbo car sounding like the exhaust and the turbo woosh... This click rattle flutter crap makes it sound like Ass imo

I took it in because I found I had a stud missing in my grimspeed up pipe where it goes into the turbo, it was making this noise and I thought that was it. So that gasket was replaced along with the lower gasket and the manifolds and all needed hardware. And the noise is still there.. ive also swaped out the intercooler and all new Gaskets on there. And a samco boost hose on the outlet since i got the car ( made the noise before all that, and stll dose)

I also took the whole intake manifold off to fix the fuel leaks and install the perrin intake.. I used new Gaskets and cleaned everything really well before putting it all together. The noise was there before and after still... So I just try and talk myself into the idea that's just the subaru sound because ive gone tough everything i thought.. .... But I don't believe it

help me get id of tis sound or proove its what a subaru is spposd to sound like so i can get on with my life, and get a pro tune..

right now im runing a cobb OTS stage 2 tune with the folowing mods, i want to put in my TGV deletes and Grimsed x- pipe nad get a tune, but i dont want to waste my time and money if theres things tat need to be fixed first.

New Gates Racing kevlar timing belt, new valve cover gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, TGV gaskets, injector seals, NGK one step colder spark plugs, new OEM front 02 Sensors, new OEM Subaru battery, new air filter, new fuel filter and new Coolant

-Cobb 3'' High Flow Cat. Downpipe
-Perrin 3'' Cat Back Exhaust
-Grimmspeed ceramic coated uppipe
-Perrin Radiator Shroud
-STI Top Mount Intercooler
-Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
-Perrin Turbo inlet
-Samco turbo outlet elbow
-Cobb SF intake and box

-Cobb AccessPort stage 2 OTS map