P0031 Low Heater Control Circuit Low (Bank 1 Sensor 1) and P0037 Low Heater Control Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 2)

So I have about 29,000mi on my 09 WRX. Isn't this a bit early to be seeing bad O2 sensors? I'm trying to figure out what the cause of having both of these go at once might be. Here is what the Subaru shop said in the write up when they plugged my car in when it was in getting an oil change:

"Technician uploaded fault codes and analyzed data. Noted open circuit at A.F.R. sensor/heater circuit. No PIDS(?) for rear O2 sensor heater circuit. No reaction from A.F.R. or O2 sensor. Cleared codes and front A.F.R. returns. Would have to perform further diagnoses. Possible E.C.U. failure would need further diagnoses time. Reccommended replace AFR and O2 sensor $450)"

I have a Cobb AP stage 2 map loaded. I don't see this being the cause. Just recently my car was stored for 6 weeks while I was gone for work. I didn't disconnect the battery (forgot) and when I came back the battery was dead. I had to jump it a couple times and it finally gained it's charge back after driving the car a bit. Could these sensors have gotten harmed during the jumping process?

Thoughts/advice anyone? Thank you in advance.