so i got my wrx about 6 months ago and realized i could sometimes smell coolant under the hood. rarely but sometimes i noticed alittle smoke from for front driver side corner of the bay so figured there's a small coolant leak that's burning off something hot. I did a pressure test and it pumped up to 10psi then dropped to 5. all lines look fine and ive never seen one drip of coolant under my car. I think i tracked the smoke to the fins of my mishimoto radiator.. seems like i have a really small puncture that burns off in the fins. but would that explain why it only happens once and a while? And anyone know a way i could plug it with ought using any of that sh** you find at autozone that clog your entire cooling system? good thing mishimoto offers a life time warranty of their radiators, only problem is the previous owner never gave me the receipt when i bought the car so this is useless. anyone know a way to do this with ought the receipt?