Hey all, going to take the car into the dealer next week, but I wouldn't mind seeing if anyone had any experience with this. Quick info - 2011 WRX Stage 1 3k miles.

Probably about half the time, and mainly in 2nd-4th gear I can hear the turbo spool, but about 75-100% (right before the next shift) into it I hear this high pitched, half-second long squeek almost like if you pinch and pull apart the end of a filled baloon and let out some air. Does it sounds like a boost leak somewhere, and if so, does it sound like maybe just a loose connection? Any idea where to start looking?

Note: I haven't logged in a while, and I will after my oil change, but I now remember seeing boost numbers kind of fluctuate (not much, maybe +/- .3 psi) when boost was between 14 and 16 psi.